Mike Marwick's
Rock'n'Roll show

Rock & Roll Saturday originally started back on Q96 Paisley as "The Rock & Roll Revival Show", re-named the "Rock & Roll Party" around 1994. 

It came back in the "SAGA" form in 2005 at SAGA 105.2 Glasgow, and changed to "Smooth Rock & Soul" in 2007/8. Its present format very much follows its original roots, mixing well known and less well known rock & roll from the 50s and 60s with more recent songs and artists as well. Core artists appear every week – Elvis, Chuck, Jerry Lee and Little Richard in particular. 

Rock & Roll remains of huge interest in the UK covering all generations and a wide mix of listeners. 

Mike works full time as a lawyer weekdays, but reverts to his rock & roll roots at weekends! Further information on the programme is available on Facebook at Rock ‘n’ Roll Saturday – check it out!