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Hello, and thanks for looking at my personal page on here on Skyline Gold…

It’s often said that we’re all in the gutter but a few people look at the stars.  If I can persuade you to do that, just sometimes, I’m a happy bunny, whether I’m on air under the nom-de-guerre of Andi C or writing for papers, mags and websites with the nom-de-plume of Andi Cortez.

Here on Skyline Gold we have a cool bag of music, sure, but much more than a case of CDs or a cache of mp3 files.  I admire people who step outside their Anaglypta Villas and attempt something significant so I provide a platform of the people whenever I can on Skyline Gold.  After all, we are a community radio station.  Local guests and personalities are important to me and enjoyable hopefully for you, my listeners.  Not so much the latest celebrity clothes-horses, they have their publicity machines well-oiled and in constant motion already.  Come and discover with me some gemstones among life’s pebbles.

Currently I present two very different shows on Skyline Gold:

The Fret Connection (Wednesday 8 – 10pm) celebrates the art of guitar, the most popular instrument in the world.  I try to make such a diverse musical world more local to you on a different theme each week.  You’ll find I spotlight our local musicians who are looking to get noticed by something or someone significant, each with an interesting story to tell.  I often record local concerts and events so please get in touch if you play or promote locally.  Uniquely on the radio, I have technical features to help improve your guitar playing.  Classical, jazz, folk, bluegrass, acoustic, blues, metal and rock styles but not everything every week!  I have listeners in many countries including Canada, USA, France, Germany, Australia and some in Africa so you’ll discover new music you wouldn’t otherwise stumble on.

My Monday Afternoon Diversion (Mondays 2 – 5pm) attempts to pep up your Monday afternoon as you reflect or recover from the weekend.  Music from the 1940s till now, film reviews, books, and sporadic weird news.  Also, a whacky word of the week for you to try out in conversation and watch what happens.  My studio guests are diverse and will talk aardvarks to zygotes with a little prompting from you.

It’s always good to hear from you.  Outside programme hours you can reach me via

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Take care and stay lucky