Jez of the Jungle

Jez spends a lot of his time out in the jungles of Africa but then swings by the Skyline Studios for a few months as a presenter before zooming off to another hot, usually uncomfortable place. Jez started his showbiz career a few years ago when at home in UK, producing and editing TV programmes and co-starring in the AND Magazine TV show aired locally. He's also done magazine photography for AND Magazine, GQ magazine and a couple of others.

Jez's lack of knowledge on sport is legendary (he once photographed the England football team manager and didn't have a clue who he was!) and Tony Pankhurst once likened watching Jez's show to watching a circus, so it's certainly fun. Thankfully, he loves all types of music so his show is bizarre to say the least, with anything from African jungle music to the Bonzo Dog Do-dah Band or Michael Buble. These are mixed up with quizzes, phone calls (usually from odd places) and some rather strange but usually entertaining guests, so you're in for a great time if you can catch him!!