Tony Pankhurst

Tony Pankhurst joined Skyline in May 2009 to take on a weekly country music show, which soon developed into two weekly shows – currently an hour on Wednesday evenings and two hours on Sunday evenings. In addition, with a considerable knowledge of rock ‘n’ roll music, he has stood in for Mike Mack on the Thursday evening rock ‘n’ roll show from time to time.

Previous experience includes a rock ‘n’ roll series for BBC Radio Medway back in the seventies and various hospital radio stints.

“When I met Mike Green and asked if I could present a country music programme here at Skyline I did stipulate that I wanted to play the lesser-known artists and records; there seems no point in playing stuff that’s heard on Radio Two every day. And that’s what I’ve been allowed to do,” says T.P. “And it’s great to sit here playing music and get e-mails from Australia , Canada , New Zealand , etc., even Russia occasionally, knowing that you’re being heard in those countries all over the world.”

Tony is in the process of developing his own music-orientated website, , the title of which comes from a song written and recorded by his life-time hero Chip Taylor.

Overheard in Hedge End after T. P. started his programmes on Skyline –

Wife: “There’s nothing like a good radio presenter, is there?”

Husband: “And that Tony Pankhurst is nothing like one – but he does play friggin’ good music!”

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